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The following terms and conditions, which are an integral part, are valid for purchase at the online store Business terms and conditions define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller (supplier) and buyer (customer). The seller is the internet shop operator Kovonástroje s.r.o.,  headquartered in Bohuslavice u Zlína, č.p. 205, IČO (05967473)

Amount of postage

 is listed in the Delivery and Payment Terms


The customer is informed of his order by e-mail as soon as it is made.


Legal relations between the seller and the consumer are governed by the following terms and conditions, and to the extent not covered by Act No. 40/1964 Coll., The Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as "the citizen"), Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on consumer protection, as well as on the rules governing relations between the seller and the non-business buyer.

Legal relations between the seller and the entrepreneur are governed by the following terms and conditions and further to the extent not covered by Act No. 513/1991 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as "Business Gazette") and the relevant legal regulations regulating the relations between the seller and the buyer of the entrepreneur.

By sending the order, the buyer confirms that he has had the opportunity to become familiar with these publicly available business terms and agrees with them. For these terms and conditions, the buyer is notified in advance of the order of the opening page and also in the 4th step before submitting the order and has the opportunity to get acquainted with them, or to ask them by e-mail or telephone number, which are listed in the "Contact" section.

Closing the Purchase Agreement:

The goods displayed in this e-shop are an offer to enter into a sales contract on the part of the seller, an order on the part of the buyer is then considered as an offer to conclude a purchase contract on the part of the buyer. The purchase agreement (accepting the seller) closes when the customer pays the purchase price, ie by paying the advance invoice or by paying the COD.
The buyer hereby agrees to the terms of trade in the version at the time of sending the binding order and is bound by them at the time of the conclusion of the purchase contract.

The contract and the personal data provided are stored by the seller for the successful fulfillment of the contract and these data are not accessible to third parties other than the carrier (Czech Post, PPL, DPD, etc.). Information on the individual technical steps leading to the conclusion of the contract can be seen from these business conditions where the process is clearly described.

Customer info:
It is possible that the goods you order in the meantime sell directly to the store, or it is already invoiced on the customer's advance invoice - in this case you will be informed immediately upon receipt of the order by our staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Pricing and printing errors are subject to change. If you change the price of the product, you will be informed by telephone or e-mail by our staff.

Order options


You can order them in the following ways:

    Through e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as "e-shop")
    By e-mail (by e-mail)
    By phone

 Seller agrees to properly inform the buyer about the properties of the products sold, how to use and maintain the product. If necessary with regard to the nature of the product, the seller shall provide the necessary information in the understandable written instructions accompanying the product.


Obligations of the buyer


Buyer is obliged to provide the seller with the necessary information in the order necessary for the successful fulfillment of the order, ie:

    name, surname and domicile or business name and domicile of the buyer,
    IČO a DIČ, if registered as VAT payer,
    code and product name according to pricelist,
    the way of removal and transport,
    delivery address (if different from home address),
    any other data that the buyer considers important.

By providing these data, the buyer agrees to process personal data for the purpose of order execution and acts related to this (invoicing, dispatching ...) - in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. This personal data will not be passed on to unrelated third parties except the carrier (Czech Post, PPL, DPD ...).


Each order received in this e-shop is binding on the buyer.

Cancellation of the order is possible within 24 hours of making the order. By e-mail ( or by phone (+420 602716471). The seller is not obliged to accept the change of the order when he has already handed the goods according to the original order to the carrier or has already modified the goods at the customer's request.

 If the buyer has canceled the order within the above deadline, but has already pointed out the amount to the seller's account in some way (eg by transferring from the account), the seller is obliged to return this amount. If the buyer wants to cancel his order later, it will only be done by mutual agreement.

Rejection, not picking up the shipment by the buyer

If the customer refuses to accept or dispatches the shipment properly from the carrier within the withdrawal period without canceling the order within 24 hours of its delivery, the seller is entitled to the expense of the buyer's expense.

These costs correspond to the amount of the cost depending on the chosen mode of transport when ordering. The buyer is required to pay the amount requested to the seller's account within 7 days of receipt of the call for payment.

If, despite the non-picking of the consignment, the buyer is interested in re-sending, the shipment will be re-dispatched but only after the cost of the non-received / unsold consignment has been settled.


Withdrawal from the contract

Upon the conclusion of the purchase contract by means of distance communication, the purchaser has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving any reason within 14 days of the receipt of the goods, within which the buyer must deliver to the seller an act with which the current valid legislation combines the expression of the will to cancel . The buyer may execute this right of withdrawal by either delivering the goods personally to the seller's shop together with a statement of will to withdraw from the contract or at his own expense to send the goods to the seller to his address via one of the carriers together with a written statement of will to resign. Upon withdrawal from the purchase contract by the purchaser by the consumer within 14 days within the meaning of § 1829 of the Civil Code, the buyer has the right to withdraw without any penalty. In this case, the seller is obliged to return the amount for the goods as well as the amount for the selected transport, but only in the amount of the cheapest form of transport offered by the seller.

If the buyer is not a consumer, that is, the goods are purchased in the course of his business or business activity (which determines the VAT identification number on the purchasing document), the right of withdrawal does not arise because the law does not specify this option.

The goods must be returned undamaged when using the right of withdrawal, preferably in the original packaging without any signs of use including all accessories, warranty letters and instructions. Upon meeting all of the above conditions for returning goods, money for the goods will be sent by transfer to your account within 30 days of withdrawal. The buyer is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs he has paid to the seller in connection with the delivery of the goods by the carrier back.

Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement within 5 business days if the item ordered by the buyer is not in stock and can no longer be secured.

The goods guarantee is 24 months for consumers, 12 months for companies and traders who shop at ID.

Claim Procedure
Please send us your complaint by email and by e-mail only. Enter the invoice number on which the claimed goods are listed, describe the defect as far as possible, if possible, as well as photographs. Please also state the contact details of the person with whom our employees will deal with the complaint and wait for the response of our employees.
If you submit a claim without following the above procedure, it is possible that your claim will be processed later than absolutely necessary - within 30 days of receipt of the claim.

Final Provision

 Valid business terms are available on a personal subscription and on a website, and every buyer has the opportunity to get acquainted with them. The Seller is entitled to supplement or change the business terms and conditions in connection with the change of the applicable legislation in connection with the change in the market of the goods offered by the seller.
Business terms in this text become valid 27.2. 2018 and completely abolishes previous business conditions.